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Our Purposes

To foster a close personal and professional relationship among school counselors in Louisiana, public and private, and with counselors in other settings

Types of Memberships


A professional member must be employed as a School Counselor, hold a master's degree in counseling or related areas and have State Certification.


A Retiree Member is one who upon retirement held or qualified for Professional Membership.


One who formerly served as a School Counselor or one who is a School Counselor but does not meet the professional membership requirements. Persons working in a school counseling program may become an Associate Member upon the recommendation of a Professional Member.


A Student Member is one who is a full-time student at an accredited college or university who is pursuing a degree in counseling or a higher degree.


An Honorary Member may be voted into LSCA for exceptional meritorious service to the state guidance program and/or LSCA.


A Sustaining Member is any person, company or corporation interested in school counseling, but does not qualify for any other type of membership.

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