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Louisiana School Counselor Association 

School Counselors: Contributing to Students' Success

About Us

To support professional school counselors as they assist students and their families in academic, career, and social/emotional development.

The largest and chartered division of the Louisiana Counseling Association and an affiliate of the American Counseling Association, LSCA is a professional counseling organization in Louisiana concerned exclusively with school counselors. The LSCA is composed of public, private, K-12, and post-secondary schools whose purposes are concerned with you, the school counselor, and your needs. 

We allow school counselors on all levels, to establish and improve the standards of school counseling as a profession, through collaboration with the State Department of Education, LSCA focuses on issues related to school counseling​.

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Maintains & monitors legislative action related to school counselors and counseling.

A resource for ethical concerns, professional development, and skill building.

Serving its membership in all academic work settings, elementary through post-secondary.

Focusing on students and their families in academics, careers, and social/emotional development.

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Membership Levels 

  1. Professional

  2. Associate Membership

  3. Honorary

  4. Retiree 

  5. Student

  6. Sustaining

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